How to Make A Blog from Scratch

If you are thinking to write a blog then let me tell you, you have visited a very right place. Writing your own blog is as easy as doing a regular task, it will not take even one hour. You just need to have a very clear idea what you want to write about. Gather information or do a search/analysis so that it will be clear to you what you want to mention in your blog.  So to write a blog you just need to follow some of the basic steps which I will be mentioning in this article. So read and follow it, you will definitely become a good blogger… 😉

The very first thing is that you should not keep any fear in your mind thinking that blog writing is very complicated. Before starting anything, the moment you think it is complicated, your chances of failure becomes more. So be positive and think it is as easy as eating a burger.

The second best thing about writing a blog is that you don’t have to have knowledge about any programming language. I know many of us just hate coding stuff and any programming language. So it doesn’t matter if you have programming knowledge or not. You don’t have to learn any coding stuff.

There are many reasons to write a blog. You can share your knowledge with people, and the most important thing is that you can express yourself. Whatever knowledge or ideas or solutions you have for any particular thing, blogging is the best way to spread it to the people.

Now, if you are confused like from where to start and how to start. Then let me tell you even this is also as easy as eating a burger. You need to have your own website if you want to write for yourself and don’t want to work for anyone else, then it is better to make your own website. Making your own website is not complicated, you just need to follow some steps. Once you have your own website, you can chose any theme which matches your blogging idea, on which you want to write.

Another important which you have to keep in your mind while making your website is that, your website name should be according to your blog content. And then again the contents you write under your site should stick to the topic.

So here, I will mention in brief how to make a website of your own :

1) Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting.

2) Install WordPress

3) Make your website look the way you want, you can customize it by choosingany particular theme.

4) Add plugins/widgets/pages and improve the security of your website.

For more information about creating a website follow the link :

Once you are done with making your website, you have almost done 50% of the work. Now you just have to write in the ideas/thoughts or anything regarding your website content.

Log in to your website/blog URL which you may have received through email. Now add a new blog, write it, and then publish it. Once you publish it, you can open your website and can check it how it looks there. You can follow the below steps to write your blog in WordPress :

1) Log in to your website/blog URL :


Make a Website fast

2) You can see a lot of options on your dashboard like :

create a blog

  1. Posts
  2. Pages
  3. Media
  4. Appearance
  5. Plugins
  6. Users
  7. Tools
  8. Settings
  • Posts :  If you click on this, it will allow you to add new post along with which you can add tags and categories. It also show you the number of posts you have written till date, how many of them are published, how many are pending in drafts and it show the deleted one too.

Pages : 

    The Pages option allows you to add pages to your blog. If you open any website, you can see pages like About Me, Contact Us, Popular posts, Privacy Policy, etc.
  • Media : Media allows you to add images or any document file in your blog. You can attach a file from your local system to your post or you can also take the files directly from any URL.
  • Appearance : We always want to change the look and feel for everything in our life. So this option allows you to change the look and feel of your website. Using this option you can customize themes, you can add new widgets and you can make menus too.
  • Plugins : Using Plugins, you can add some extra functionality to your blog/website. Most of the plugins are free.
  • Users : Users section allows you to add users on different levels. You can make users as administrators, moderator, authors or subscribers. An administrator can do everything including deleting the contents of the website.
  • Tools : This option you won’t be using regularly. It is mainly used when you want to export/import the contents from your website to other or the other way around.
  • Settings : This section as we know will have all the settings related to your blog. It will have all the controls like changing the website name, deciding the number of posts you want to show on home page, and how the feed should be displayed and many others. The Plugins also are displayed under the Settings section.

So it was all about how to use WordPress for writing your blog. Now you might be having doubts how to publish it. So here are the steps :

  1. Click on POSTS tab.
  2. Click on ADD NEW tab.
  3. Add POST TITLE, and write the content in the body area.
  4. Click on PUBLISH button which is given on the right hand side area.
  5. Now open your website on a separate tab and check your article.

Wordpress Editor Descriptions


The first question which pop ups in your mind is “What is Permalink Structure??”. Well, a permalink structure is a web address given to your post or blog on your website. You can customize this web address because if you don’t, WordPress will give some random numbers at the address place of your blog, which you won’t like I guess. When WordPress gives an address to your post it will look something like, this p=123, you can change. So you can change this address in a very easy way, definitely not a cumbersome process. Follow the below mentioned steps:

Click on Settings tab.  Now click on Permalinks, once you click on it, you will get several options, among which you can chose the one you want for your article.

website permalinks


If you don’t select a theme of your own for your website, WordPress installs a default theme for your website, which you may not like or it may not suit the content of your website. So WordPress provides a thousands of themes and gives you an option to chose your own theme, so better to customize it. Follow the below steps to change the theme of your website :

1) Click on the Appearance option from the left side of the page.

2) Click on Themes, and then click on Add New option.

3) WordPress will list all the latest and popular themes available, even you can filter and search for the type of theme you want.

4) You can PREVIEW it, and then click on Install. And the last step is to Activate Theme it.

You have one more option of Premium Themes. You can go for Premium Themes because the free themes generally come with a lot of bugs for which no support is provided. There are some of the websites which provide premium themes for lifetime support or for one year. Some of these websites are :

You can use these sites to get premium themes for your website.


Adding widgets is very simple. Click on Appearance tab, and then click on Widgets.

Now click on the widgets you want to install and click on Add. You can add widgets to the sides of your posts and even you can add different widgets to your website. If you have a premium theme, then you will get subscription widgets.


Go to Plugins tab and click on it. Now click on New. You can search for the plugins you want. Install it and then Activate.





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