How To Create Your Personal Blog

Making your personal blog on internet is very easy now a days. Gone are the days when most people used to write in diaries. Now most people prefer to write online on their personal blog/website. Everyone does for different reasons. Few people create personal blog to write about their experiences in various fields such as cooking, travelling, hiking etc. There are many who create personal website related to specific topic to promote their product, business etc. Whatever may be the reason, You should have a personal blog/website in today’s world.

Let’s understand about few important things for creating a personal blog for yourself. A personal blog on internet always needs a name. Just like Google have, you also need a name like that. It’s known as domain name. ┬áDomain names can be purchased from companies like Bluehost, Hostgator etc. These companies register the domain name for your personal blog from the time period that you select. There is a very small fee for purchasing the domain name.

We will tell you later in this post as how you can get a FREE domain name for your personal blog.

A personal website/blog should always be online so that people can access it from anywhere around the world 24*7. In order to make it online round the clock, you need to store your data somewhere which is never shutdown. Basically you need a storage room for your blog so that it’s contents can be accessed 24*7 around the world. This storage space is basically known as Web Hosting. Web hosting for your personal blog is also purchased from companies like Bluehost and Hostgator.

Domain name and web hosting can be purchased together and separately too. However It’s always recommended to purchase them together as it will be technically easy for you to setup everything with minimal knowledge about these things.

Secondly if you purchase together you will get the domain name free on most of the registration websites. I will show you how to do it in just few easy steps below.

What are you going to learn below:-

  • How to register domain name for your personal blog/ website?
  • How to register for web hosting for your personal blog.
  • How to start with WordPress ( more on this later)
  • How to write your first article and make it online
  • How to make your blog go professional



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